I am a wedding a portrait photographer based in Sarasota, Florida but serving the world. As a photographer, it’s a gift to get to go out into the world and seek out the beauty both on the surface and that’s hidden away. On this journey, I’m going to seek the authentic and tear jerking moments, and bring out the beauty of each couple. Your wedding day isn’t just when you say “I Do” it’s the moments leading up to the day, it’s the details, the surrounding landscapes, the hugs from family who traveled to see you and laughs with friends who have been there on the journey.  

"I’m going to seek the authentic and tear jerking moments, and bring out the beauty of each couple."

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Hello, sweet adventurer.

I'm elizabeth! friends call me lizz.

I really fell in love with photography when I was traveling abroad doing mission work. I loved traveling to places like Haiti and Indonesia and capturing the faces and stories of the people I met. When my husband and I got married and I moved to Hawaii to be with him, photography was a hobby we shared. So many of our dates consisted of us going to watch the sunset and take photos. Through that grew my love for photography, which helped land me where I am today. This business is built on a love and a bond my husband share for photography and for the joy of marriage. 

After a year of living in Hawaii and photographing friends and family, as well as developing my love for photography over the years, I took my passion to the next level and started this business. 

I value the raw and real moments. I value elegance paired with adventure, and a little bit of a hike to find that perfect spot for a photograph. I value elegance but won’t compromise authenticity for it. I deeply value friendship and connection, and want my couples to know that throughout this process, they can lean on me and rely on me as such.

I go above and beyond by scouting the perfect locations locally and when out of state. I take the extra few moments to make sure a picture is perfect before I take it, and am alert to capture all of the candid memories. I’m calm and collected during the moments of chaos and always crying during the vows!

She is so talented & has a natural gift of directing, capturing, and creating works of art!

She is a true artist.


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- Sarah and Justin -

He’s more of a behind the scenes guy, but David is the ultimate second shooter, hair fixer, veil thrower, shoe tier, dress fluffer there is. He’s also the absolute best at wrangling your crazy fun families for photos so everyone can enjoy cocktail hour. My husband has a raw talent for photography, and loves to sit back and capture moments beautifully. He’s an introvert, a coffee lover, crushes it at movie impressions and also happens to be my assistant.

"One of my favorites parts of this business is that it started together and we get to do this thing together."

My Other Half

meet my behind-the-scenes guy, david

I’ve traveled to over 13 countries, Italy, France, England, Spain, Indonesia, New Zealand and Mexico to name a few. Next on our list is Scotland! If you want to see travel photos, I’ll go ham and show them all. If you want us to travel for your wedding, our answer is always yes!

if you're here for the fun facts...


I lived in England for a year in college, spent two years living in Hawaii and have a bucket list of travel places about a mile long Norway, Iceland, Banff, Glacier National Park and Thailand are at the top.


I shoot both film and digital. I love the instant results of digital and the editing process, but the look of film is just unbeatable. I also love that film makes me slow down and enjoy the shot.


I freak out over that perfect moment that leads to the perfect photograph! I will absolutely jump up and down in excitement when there’s a good photograph!


I LOVE the mountains. I will hike them and photograph them any chance I get! I also love wine, coffee and Joanna Gaines.


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