Tori + Brandon’s Cozy Engagement

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It’s definitely engagement season here in Northern Virginia.  This is possibly becoming my FAVORITE time of year, hands down.  I love seeing that glow on a newly engaged couples’ faces, and I also love seeing that carefully selected bling!

When I first connected with Tori and Brandon, I was super excited to work with them on their engagement shoot.  While they lived in D.C. they still wanted to do something a little on the outdoorsy side.  So I did some research (still a newby to the DMV over here) and found Rock Creek Park.  

My husband and I love finding new parks, so when I researched Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C. it seemed to me the perfect location to do this shoot. Close to home for them, yet escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A few minutes into our session, and behind us for our very first picture was…a deer! It was in that moment I realized Tori is a huge animal lover.  So after we snapped some photos and tried to become friends with Bambi (who promptly ran away from us), we went on with our cozy shoot.  Fall and Winter shoots are all about the cuddles and eskimo kisses.  I think it’s pretty clear in their photos that these two are in love, they’re hilarious and perfect for each other.

Did you just get engaged? Share your story below, because I’m a sucker for those “I Said Yes” moments.

Jan 9, 2018

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