New Home, New Opportunities

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For those of you who aren’t aware, I recently relocated from Oahu, Hawaii to Northern Virginia.  Just a small life change, no big deal.  Except for where’s the ocean, the weather is freaking COLD, and I’m blessed by the beautiful seasons again.  In all reality, my husband and I have been excited for and anticipating this move for a long time.  We LOVED the adventures in Hawaii, they were once in a lifetime memories.  

But come September, we flew to Wichita to visit the hubby’s family (yes we flew our cats), loaded up our new to us Subaru Outback, and hit the road for a two day trip to Virginia.  For those of you familiar with my furry friends, Larry was a backseat driver who hated rest stops and did NOT want to leave our hotel in Indianapolis.  Chewy only came out for meal breaks, she was MIA for the rest of the drive.

There were a lot of nerves that came with this move.  Will I like my new location for my job (yes I do!), will we find a solid church with a good community, will I continue this photography business or let it go.  I was so fortunate to find Sara Hargrove of Sarandipity Photography (she’s awesome, go check her out).  Literally, after four days of living in Virginia, I got to go second shoot for this rockstar and totally rekindle why I love wedding photography.  This opportunity really opened my eyes again to creativity, excitement and fun that comes with shooting weddings.  So here’s a little bit of how that day went.

Second Shooter for Sara Hargrove of Serendipity Photography

Nov 25, 2017