Zoe’s Senior Portrait

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Growth and photography go hand in hand.  It’s impossible for me to not grow at my job if I want to continue to excel! And personally, I crave growth and development.  So when I got asked to do Zoe’s senior session, it was a 1000000x yes response on my end! See, Zoe was my first senior, and she TOTALLY blew me away.  Zoe is so composed, funny, STUNNING inside and out.  

One thing that I loved about Zoe’s session was her style and willingness to try so many different things.  We did this shoot back when I was located on Oahu.  From beautiful fields with craters in the background, to Sandy Beach and Eternity beach, this shoot took us all over the south side of the island.  We finished the shoot off with a rouge wave that totally got me the best reaction ever from Zoe! What a champ! Here’s to your senior year girl! So much lies before you.

Flower crown provided by North Shore Haiku Lei

Oct 24, 2017